Thursday, June 23, 2016

Packing list for travelling in India + 200 H YTTC

I am mostly packed up to go to India!
Packing for India was very different than packing for Korea was. Not only because for my trip to Korea I had to pack for a year and for 4 seasons, now I only pack for a 9 day short trip and for a month long yoga teacher training. I went to Korea with 2 large suitcases and a 10 kg carry-on, now I only have a 48L backpack and a small Fjällräven backpack to carry on with my most important belongings. This trip is going to be very different as I'm not going there to live but to travel and learn and do as many yoga as I can. :) This means I can pack much much lighter and that thought is so freeing.

This time instead of packing a lot of clothes I just take a few clothes with me and a ton of supplies. If I'll need any clothes I will just buy them there, since they are much cheaper there (as I was told), but many supplies are hard to find at times (such as tampons and pads).

As for clothes I bring a few basics. Since I'll be travelling there during Monsoon season, I don't bring any rain coats or whatever I'll just buy the most suitable there, I can't know how it will be until I'm there. 

So here's my packing list:

My bags. I got this Tatonka backpack from my dad's friend. I just had to clean it from all the dust it collected, perfect! I couldn't find out yet how to adjust it perfectly though. And my carry-on is my Fjällräven Kanken backpack in beautiful forest green color (it's an advertisement, yess. FR pay me! haha)


- 1 pairs of leggings
- 1 pair of harem pants
- 3 pairs of yoga pants (that I can wear even as leggings, I'll wash them in the Shala before the trianing starts)
- 2 sport bras
- 2 "normal" bras
- 10 pairs of undies
- 1 scarf -  I bring this on the plane with me but I plan on buying more scarves there
- 1 long extra long shirt with long sleeves
- 6 shirts - 4 sleevles tops, also great for yoga, 1 tunic
- PJs

- 1 pair of trakking sandals

- 1 pair of Converse


- Lush soap shampoo - takes small space and it's enough for months
- Nivea 3 in 1 face wash
- Nivea 2 in 1 shower gel and body lotion
- big bottle of Nivea
- travel size bamboo hair brush
- razor
- toothbrush, tooth paste
- deo gel
- glasses, contacts, contact solution
- hand sanitizer
- tampons and pads
- pain killers, immodium
- towels
- bug spray
- wet tissues

- plastic bags for dirty undies/wet clothes/trash
- tissues
- I'll have to buy sun screen there (it supposed to be very cheap)
- mani-pedi sett

- band aids
- some makeup to cover dark spots etc..


- netbook and charger
- phone and charger


- passport
- copies of passport, visa, insurance, other documents
- important numbers, hotel adress etc.
- my running belt - I thought I can hide it under my clothes and keep my folded money in there
- cash
- travel journal, pens, glue  

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Mami said...

Great job! :) But if you don't mind I'd suggest a simpler and more comfortable solution instead of loading up your suitcases with all those pads and tampons: invest into a ladycup! It's zero waste, there are no leaking or smell, and once you invest in it it will last for years or decades! Just give it a try and simplify! :) xoxo and take care! M.

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