Monday, August 10, 2015

Bells will ring ting-a-ling-a-ling

Sorry for the long hiatus but I've been busy in the last few weeks that I didn't have any extra energy to blog. I was working at two festivals last month, one of them was the Europa Cantat! It was super exciting since I was at the café all day and I managed the shop all by myself what made me really proud cos that means I'm good enough to be trusted. My other job was bartending at an outdoors festival, I did the night shift and I loved it! Except for one time when my coworkers disappeared in the middle of a huge concert and I had to do everything alone, I was so stressed I almost cried but I learned a lot from it!

And there was an other great thing happening it was my cousins wedding! I'm so proud at him that I can't even put it in words.
I didn't spend my time with taking so much photos but here are some of the ones my sister took! 

The wedding was beyond amazing. It started in a small church then we headed to a winery for another ceremony on the rooftop in the sunset, then we throw the best wedding party I ever attended! So much good food and nice drinks and great music and so many great people who made great atmosphere! We even lit some sky lanterns and let them fly, much like at the traditional Lantern Festival in China, which was a dream of mine to do such a thing even if not in China.
 My sister used "pretty face" filter to take the pics. Despite it makes the skin look perfect it made my eyebrow look weird XD like I overdraw them a lo~ooot haha
 Honestly it was the very first time in my life that I went out in such a dress and high heels and all-made-up and I felt confident. I thought that I am the most beautiful I can be that day and I knew I'm gonna have fun and that feeling is marvelous. I felt like some kind of Marilyn Monroe who owns the world.
 Sister feets.
 It is a tradition to wear rosemary during the wedding but don't ask me why, probably nobody remembers anymore... but it's a nice tradition.
 We've got the best part from the wedding cake with all the beautiful marzipan roses. Unfortunately I couldn't eat from it but I had a tiny little bite just to taste it and it was heavenly!

I never really wanted to get married but my cousins wedding was so beautiful and full of love that now I kinda want to get married, too. I don't know if it's only me oters felt like this too, but there are some couples you look at them when you're single and you're like "ewww why do I have to look at them?" You know they make you feel more lonely. But this couple is like you look at them and your heart fills with warm love towards them and you don't even understand how they existed before without each other and you can't imagine them but together and they are so good to look at that you want to have that kind of love too. They are like this, they make everybody want to be in that kind of relationship that is so natural, of course you have to work for it but not struggle...

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