Friday, January 23, 2015

Last night i was reading The little prince to my little sister and it made me think all
night long. The little prince says: adults only care about numbers. How old are you?
How many friends you have? How much money do you have? How much do you earn? etc...
 you know how it is.

It is so true. I don't have to go far, i have many adults in my family and they are
totally the same as adults described by the little prince. They only care about numbers.
 Mostly they like count money. How much, how many? On the second place: the body.
How long, how short, how many kg, how big... Why do adults only count everything?
Still talking about how much they hate numbers and counting and money....
And the worst is: i'm in the age of "young adult" ( i hate when i'm called "adult")
and they try to shape me on their way. I don't want to be a person like them! But they
are still forcing me to take money so serious and count everything, and if i don't care
about numbers they are like: "How can you not ask somebody how old they are?" Why is that
so important? For me, who they are is more important and not their age, sorry.

Why can people just let themselves be free from this weight they put on their own
shoulders? Yes you make your own life worse with all of this number-things! Why cant you
just go out and enjoy life? Life can be so pretty but numbers ruin them. Dont let it!
Just go out and enjoy the sunshine, the fresh air, the green of the nature, the song
of the birds. The most beautiful things in life are priceless. If you just walk by without
paying attention you will be too old when you recognize you missed all of them and there
it will be too late.

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