Saturday, August 23, 2014

yummy flamenco egg plate

안녕 dolliez 
주말을 잘 보내고 있지? Hope y'all have a nice weekend! I have.
I was cooking one of my favorite food what i planned to share with you. It's very nice when you don't have time or don't have many ingredients at home, but if you add more things you can cook a whole great sized meal for your family, too.

There isn't anything like a list of ingredients, cos you can add whatever you feel like. 

1. Fisrt heat up some oil (many times i use olive oil butter - it's lactose free) and fry some garlic and finely sliced onion
I use wok for it.

2. Now you can choose if you want to add diced zucchini or boiled potate slices, if you have time to cook it. You have to cover the wok and cook it for ~10 mins. If you don't have time you can skip this part.

3. Slice up 1-2 tomato and 3-4 paprika and add it to the fried onion, cover it and cook it for 6-8 mins while you stir it a few times. You can also add the spieces: salt, pepper and according to your taste chilli pepper powder. 

4. If you like corn you can add it to the dish, but if you don't have corn you can just use any kind of beans. (in case i cook for my big family i add both of them) I used canned chilli beans this time. 

5. Finally make holes in the wok and place an egg in each hole. I used two small eggs for myself but one big egg for each person is fine too. Cover the wok when you're done and cook it until the egg fits your taste.

Now serve it with salad (tomato or cucumber salad goes really well with it!) and good appetite! 맛있게 드세요!

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