Saturday, August 2, 2014

the importance of life essentials

I haven't been well in the last few days nor physically, not mentally, nor emotionally. I had no idea what coused this disbalance in me but it was getting serious. I felt tired, anxious, i was yelling with everybody, i had negative thoughts about everything. I was thinking for long what could lead me here? When finally every piece of the puzzle fell to its place and I could see the picture clearly.

The problem was that i couldn't do the things i usually do for my well being and i didn't even notice it. I was very busy, i had to send papers to my university, i had to take care of my ill sister, clean and cook, and get ready for my uncles birthday party who just called that he will come this saturday and he expects us to organise a party for him with friends and food and of course a cake... I had no time for myself all day, i went to sleep exhausted and woke up nervouse about the things i must cross on my to-do list. I checked my mails in a hurry, i didn't do any yoga since tuesday and i didn't listen to music or watched a movie. I didn't have time to sit down and enjoy a nice mug of coffee.

We take our life and well being as granted but it isn't. We have to work for it hard as we have to work hard for anything else. So my dollz, get out of the squireel wheel and sit down for a cup of coffe or latte, roll out your mat and spend some quality time with yourself meditating or doing yoga, take your time under the shower and don't think it's a selfish thing to take care of yourself, cos if you don't nobody else will do it for you and if you aren't well you also can't take good care of your beloved ones. I will do so, too. 

I'm grateful for this sign for making me remember of how important is to love and care about myself. Even if it takes time and energy it all works for my good. Experiencing bad made me realize how good it is to live in body if i take care of it, and how much i can enjoy life if i take care of my soul and mind.

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