Wednesday, August 27, 2014

embrace the crazy

there was a time in my life when i was anxious about what other people might think of me.

i always lived here in this tiny village behind God's back but i never felt that i belong here. and the fellows didn't make me feel comfortable around them nor did they make me feel accepted. i was always the 'weird girl'.

nowdays everybody tries to be unique and weird became cool, doesn't it? these people from my past make so much effort to be different, i find them so ridiculous. i'm here. i'm still the weird girl i used to be. i did nothing but kept myself, not trying to merge with the masses. i learnd not to care. sometimes it still hurts but i know i have to more foreward.

i have the best times, i am still like an oddball in the eye of some people, but i know they envy me now for those things they hated in me before. it's time to embrace my craziness. 
sometimes i wonder why i ever felt negative about myself? why did i want to be like any other girl? 

people ask me sometimes how these crazy things come? do i find them somewhere and copy them? no. it comes from my heart.
you can go out and wear a horse mask with a tiger costume and twerk around like you're cool but the truth will shine out. 
you my dear readers, better find out who you really are instead of trying to be somebody else. as the late Kurt Cobain said, trying to be somebody else is the waste of who you are. or something like this.

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