Monday, July 21, 2014

never thought i could live without you but i'm fine now

2 weeks ago i read an article about adult acne and i made the decision. accordint to that article adult acne can be caused by lactose intolerancy or celiac disease, and becouse i eat quite a lot of dairy products i went on a lactose free diet for 2 weeks.

i only can recommend it! around 80% of my acne disappeared, my skin is more smooth and clean, i feel more strong, no problems on the toilet and i am not bloated anymore (by the afternoon i always looked like 4 months pregnant). So after 2 weeks i went to see my doctor and told her about my experiences and if there is any test for it and there is but veryveryvery expensive, so she said the easy way to find it out is to go on a diet for longer time. She recommended one month. 

But my doctor also checked my other pimples that didn't disappear, they are different from the dairy caused pimples and she was afraid i also have gluten intolerancy... sight so i'm on 2 diets in the same time now, lactose and gluten free... i tell you honestly, i had doubts about having celiac disease but i'm on the 5th day already of the gluten free diet and all those tiny white pimples i had left are gone! my tummy is even more flat then it was during the 2 weeks of lactose free diet and i feel full of energy. Since i'm doing this diets i could run my 4km without stopping and i don't feel like dying at the end (i'm not sure if it has anything to do with that). But the best is that i feel so nice in my skin! 

Kinda sad that most likely i suffered from this diseases since i was a child but nobody recognized it, but still better to recognise it later than never, isn't it? How many people are out there in the world who doesn't even know about their diseases but suffer from them? They could live a much happier life if they are treated well.

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