Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mollie recommends: 30 day shred

I'm on my last day of my home workout programme called 30 day shred by Jillian Michaels. You may have heard about it already, i read about it many times too but i never had the confidence to start. I thought i'm too weak to do it but i proved to myself i am strong enough to do it. Okay, i admit i didn't finish in 30 days, more like in 60 days but i finished. 

For those dollz who don't know 30 day shred is a ~20 mins workout that combines strenght training with cardio and it has 3 leves of difficulty.

You can find Jillians videos on youtube for free, all you need is a set of weights and i recommend you a good sports bra, and a mat if your floor is very hard. Jillian has a diet plan too what you can follow but i didn't, since i'm vegetarian, lactose intolerant and allergic to wheat i can't follow her meal plans. 

I was sceptical at the beginning that 20 minute long daily workout could change me that much, but in this case i was wrong. 
Of course it's not a magical workout that will work no matter what, if you eat like a pig all day then it's just a waste of time. And becouse the videos are only 20 minutes long you have to give your best to see the results, if you stop and quit often then it won't work. 

Here are my progress photos:
As you see it took more than 30 days, almost 2 months but it was worth it. I can see my abs coming out under my fat ^^

I think my back looked the best during level 2 but i felt there are more moves for your back in level 2, level 3 is more about abs i guess.

- free workout on youtube what you can bring with yourself everywhere!
- i have to admit i was scared of Jillian for first and i judged her by my first impression, i thought she'll be like a commander but she is very lovely
- it's a really hard work but it makes you feel so much better after and you can feel your body changing fast
- you don't have to leave the house and travel hours to get to the gym, it's a quick 20 minutes and you're done and save planty of your time
- there are modified/beginner versions you can do if you aren't stong enough yet or have injuries

- since you're doing the moves alone there's no real life instuctor next to you to show you how to do the moves properly, watch out for injuries etc...
- you have to do each level for 10 days, what means repeating the same video each day and that makes it a lil' boring, i can tell you back every word of Jillian now
- the moves are sometimes very hard and when i'm already dying Jillian is like give me 5 more, and i'm just screaming fuck you Jillian, i hate you so much (but i love her in the same time), so you have to be very stong mentally not to give up

I made a calendar and pin it on my wall, so i could mark every day i when i was done with the workout. 

In my opinion it's defenitely worth to try. I didn't lose much weight, actually i only lost weight when i started level 3 (only 2 kg) but still lost something. But my body changed a lot! 

as you can see on the progress photos my body is so much more toned!

I'm very glad i didn't stop, i thought about stopping at half time cos i didn't see any weight changes but i read some forum topics and people said they started to see the results at level 3, so did i. So people don't give up yet, you get it in the end! 

I will continue to work with Jillian, my next project is Ripped in 30. Maybe if i finish all her programmes i start them again.

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