Monday, July 7, 2014

few thoughts about the secret

Hello Dolliez~ it have been almost a week sorry guyz

Do you remember that i used to write about The Secret few times before? I remember i wrote about it, only good stuff and all. I remember i thought it sounds similar to what i believed. Well, yeah... i just read the books once and watched the DVD once back then. I admit, i don't regret reading it cos i fell deep in the rabbit hole and this gave me the first kick to get out of it and it helped me a lot to heal from depression and deal with my BPD. 
But since then lots of things happened to me. I got into yoga, got back to my wiccan way i lost before, i became more positive and better person i used to be before my dark days. I love myself much more instead of neglecting myself inside and out.
But the more i read the books the more i realize something is just not good with this Secret. Of course it teaches good things, like how to have a positive mindset, etc y'know it well... but it also teaches us to be arrogant and rude. 

Remember what Rhonda Byrne says about being skinny? If you want to be skinny concentrate on being skinny, don't even look at fat people, avoid them as much as you can... Or avoid negative minded people around you cos they negativity will stick to you. Don't talk to them, get away from them even if this people are your family. I don't agree with this. We should help this people to become less negative and help them the way we helped ourselves. We can't just turn away and say "oh they just don't want to think positive" or "they don't try to be positive enough"

I don't agree eighter with the idea of getting everything from the universe simply by walking around and thingking about it. My problem is: how are we getting witout giving? I don't think it work this way, it's very selfish to only recieve without giving anything back to the universe. 

Can you really get anything you want? I don't know. Sometimes the biggest gift is not getting what you want, and when i'm saying this i mean it. Several times i was disappointed cos i didn't get what i wanted but later on i found out it was so much better that i didn't get what i wanted cos i got far better things instead or what i originally wanted was nothing good for me.

Bad things happen to good people too, this is just the way of life. Wothout that how could we grow? What would be the point of life? I'm sure life is more than just thinking about what we want and the universe serves it to us on a silver platter. Balance is a big theme in life, you can't have good without bad and you can't have bad without good.

The other thing is, i believe positive thinking has some power but it isn't a ticket to your perfect life. You can sit on the couch and think about it until the cows come home but if you do nothing you won't get anything. Let's take the skinny example again. You can think about being skinny all day long if you sit on the couch and eat 24/7. You must close your mouth, do some sports and start to eat healthy. Even LOA won't give you the body of Kate Moss overnight.   

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