Saturday, July 12, 2014


Today i left with my parents to Barcs where my father run a mini marathon. He really wanted me to run too, but idc. I don't feel like i need to run marathons just to proove i can, and i need no medals to show it to my neighbours that i can run Xkm, nor for myself cos i know i can run that distance and i don't care if nobody believes it. He can't understand it.

On the way home we stopped at a cool restaurant, for lazy bohemian people ^^ I had fruit salad with mozzarella in crusty tortilla basket. It was very yummy, i couldn't imagine the taste, sounds a bit weird for first doesn't it? But it was so good! The fruits were sweet and the balsam vinegar was salty and the two together just came out harmonic.  
I drank a huge glass of strawberry mint lemonade, too. That wasn't that good, i didn't feel the strawberry taste, nor the mint. I could enjoy sitting there in front of the buiding for hours but my dad didn't let me as usual. Y'know nothing is good for him, he must always look for something he can critisize...

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