Friday, June 6, 2014

strawberry breakfast smoothie

Put your hands up if you love smoothie! I love it, too. kyakya
This one is one of my favorite smoothies all time, made of fresh strawberries, yogurt and milk. Even its color is enthralling.

For one serving you will need 2 minutes and the following ingredients:
- one cup of fresh strawberries
- 4 big spoons of fat-free, sugar-free plain yogurt (or any of your favorite flavor)
- 1/4 cup non fat milk (or almond/soy/whatever milk if it's better for you) you can add more or less, depends on what texture do you like ^^

Puree the strawberries and the yogurt in the blender and mix it, slowly add milk to get the right texture. Sometimes i add some honey to sweeten it.

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