Thursday, June 26, 2014

first days of my last summer break

I know it so well this one is going to be my last summer vacation. By this time next year i hope i'll graduate from my school and i'll have to find a job until i can return to Korea. What means no more never ending lazy days, drinking smoothie under a nice tree in the shadown while reading books. 

Can you imagine anyhting better to start my last summer break that to wake up to a package what my bestie-friend sent me from Korea? I don't think S-O. I wasn't expecting it, so you dollz can visualize my reaction ^^ 
Aww i'm so happy thank you! thank you! merci!

Funny how i was craving those mushroom cookies in like the last 3-4 days and then finally they arrived on post! huh?! telephaty

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