Monday, June 9, 2014

But we're still gettin' older, and say // You know it's gonna be a long week-end!

안녕 dollz! Hope you all had a great weekend. It was an extra long weekend here cos Pentecost is a national holiday here in Hungary and my whole family was at home together. 
On friday I decided to take my time and cook something nice for myself. Okay i didn't need to use my 'big' cooking knowledge for this dish but still cooking boxed food is still cooking, isn't it? This time i tried the italian cappelletti, some pasta bags stuffed with ricotta cheese and basil. It was yummy! I added a but more cheese and pepper on the top.
Saturday was all lazy but on sunday we went out for ice cream and i ate my two all time favorites kinder chocolate and dark choco with sour cherry ^^ After that becouse the weather was very nice and we needed to work down those extra calories i went to skateboard with my sisters. I was kinda proud of myself, i couldn't pracice skating in the last weeks cos the weather was bad or i had to study for my exams, but it went pretty good, i even learned to U-turn. Despite i can't manage to turn left and most of the time it's hard to keep the way straight... i dunno how should i step on the board but i will figure it out^^ any tips?
Today i had some soba with Arizone pomgranate flavored green tea while checking the new Butlers catalog. I didn't do anything special, it was way too hot outside~ just chillin in my room and did some yoga, read a book and play.
And of course i couldn't go a day without my newest addiction. lor kkk I'm totally into smoothies recently. I make one every day, some times even two! Since cherries and sour cherries have their season now, i use them as main ingredients. They are very nice to start the day with, or to have them as a light dinner.

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