Friday, May 16, 2014

reasons why i eat vegetarian

I am that kind of person who doesn't like to talk about food. Except with my friends of course, with them it's a great topic cos we all are foodlovers. But with total strangers or classmates? eww... can i just quit the conversation? I feel like what i eat is totally a private matter and i don't owe any explanation to anybody. It's my body and i have the right to feed it with watherver feels good. And i'm kinda fed up of people not understanding my choices and talking about vegetarianism like a stupid thing, acting like they know it better. Interesting how everybody becomes a nutritionist when this topic comes up.

BUT i'd like to share my reasons with you dollz, i feel more alike with your soul than just with the random people out there. There must be something that brings you here at times, am i right? 
So here are my reasons^^

1. Vegan diet is good for the body...
I'm practicing the vegetarian diet since i was 14 with more-less luck, sometimes i fell in the gutter and ate meat (i can't resis burgers sometimes, and donkatsu...) but i try to go back to track. During this 10 years (wow 10 yrs alread!!) i noticed how much better my body feels if i eat tons of veggies and fruits, instead of fatty meat with carbs. Even if i eat too much bread or pastry i feel the difference, my body feels heavy, while eating plant-based food makes me feel lighter since they are easier to digest, and give more energy.

2. ...and the mind!
Yes, you read it well! If i eat food that doesn't have much of veggies or fruit ingredients, my brain starts to run slowly. IT's more difficult to think clear, i felt this especially when i try to do crosswords. It just doesn't work, but after a healthy meal i have no problems solving them. 

3. Veggie diet is less violent
Most of the people who ask me why i don't eat meat accept the answer "becouse i don't like the taste" more than "becouse i love anymals". I can't understand this, many of the meat-eaters don't care about animals and their feelings/life even if they know about the horrible things what people do to the poor little animals to proceed the products we eat. I admit every time i ate meat i felt regret, that's why i try to get out of that circle. But just some people can't understand if i talk about the treatment of animals for meat, for the milk or even for honey! I won't write all this things down here, cos if you understand you will and if you don't i'm not here to convice you.

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