Thursday, May 8, 2014

dear you

I want to lay in bed with you and smoke cigarettes.
you, whoever you are, come and be my soul mate.
I want to embrace you and cook you food, then we can watch the rats play.
I let the weather channel softly play smooth jazz in the background on rainy days.
We can play SNES, and paint on each others soul canvases.
I want to find you, but I won’t see you. Please tell me my delusions aren’t real, and that my scars aren’t a deterrent.
I don’t want you to wash your hair every day, we can lay in the tub together with the water just a little too hot.
I want to arch into you, and root my hands through yours.
I miss you, but I’ve never met you. However, If I have met you I’m very sorry I am not very observant.
I will watch you through the steam of a vanilla chai with honey, smiling at your aura.
I am insecure, but with you I know I won’t be. I can be your lonely painter.
We can drink a little too much, and when the ice shifts uncomfortably in the glass late into the morning, I will clean the entire house.
You’d catch me sneaking a cigarette and I’d put it out shamefully, only to lightly kiss you in apology.
My favorite time of day is 2 AM.
I play animal crossing until I dose, but I’d watch you fall asleep and it would lull me, too.
Do you exist, lover?
I am here, where we should be.

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