Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sweet little mornings

I'm a fan of Free People and i also read their blog daily, you might know already. They give me so much inspiration and positive energy ^^

This time i was inspired by the entry of Kristen Hedges "10 sweet little moments in the morning". I decided to follow her and create my own sweet little moments to make my mornings more joyful and easy.

My mornings are quite calm this days since it's winter vacation time but usually during the semester my alarm rings at 5am. I find it really hard to get up so early, and my bed is just so warm and soft, telling me stay just 5 minutes more and 5 more until i'm totally late.... 

Before i read the article of Kristen i hated to wake up early. What am i talking about? I simply hated to wake up. I woke up tired, body aching and just wanted to sleep more and more and more. I slept 5 minutes more, and again 5 minutes more until i had only 20 minutes 'til my bus leaves so i had to rush. Somedays i didn't even had time to think about what to wear just grabbed the first clothes near my hands. 

Thanks to Kristine i learned not to rush, enjoy my mornings, waking up in time and even being happy for the first morning lights. 
So here are my sweet little moments.

Wake up but not too quickly. It is an advice right from Kristen and i do it every single morning and i can't miss it anymore. This routine makes me feel so good. I start my mornings with streching in the bed, under the sheets. I strech my whole body, arms and legs towards the walls, taking deep breaths. I do it usually 2 times for around a minute.

Find things you can be grateful for. Before you roll out of bed think about 5 things you can be thankful for. It can be something in general, or something from yesterday but the best is if you already can find 5 things in today. If you meet your friend in the afternoon you can be grateful for meeting a good friend you didn't see for long. Or be thankful for the yummy breakfast you have. For the time you can spend with shopping after work. etc etc etc

Feel alive. Slowly get out of bed, place your feet on the ground and feel it with your skin and bones. Open your window and take a few deep breaths on the fresh air. Maybe you can close your eyes, or open your arms like you want to hug the whole beautiful world outside. Whatever makes you feel good. Be aware how it feels to be alive, to feel the cold floor, or how soft and warm your socks are. The texture of your hair or PJs, the softness of your skin, the rithm of your heart beating, the heat of the first sunlights on your face. Be aware of everything.

Roll out your yoga mat. Honestly i don't own a yoga mat but i have a soft rug instead. ^^ You don't need to have time for a full yoga practice but still can do some stretches or other moves. Usually i do the bunny yoga, i should do it 6 times but i only do it once... Be aware of your breathing, big inhale and deep exhale. You can feel your blood running in your vains, the energy flowing in evrey little cell of your body. It feels very good, i never skip this practice. Every day seems just so much better and more beautiful after this.

Make tae/coffee for yourself.  Boil water or the stove and enjoy every little moment of it starting from lightning the matches until you pour the water in the cup. Enjoy how the hot water turns into something else. Isn't it beautiful? Pour it over a bag of tea, add some lemon, maybe also honey or brown sugar, how you like it. Enjoy the sweet smell of your tae/coffe, than taste it slowly, feel it on your tounge, mouth, feel how it goes down in your stomach and heats you from within. Don't rush, allow the cup to warm your hands, you can hold it to your chest, too.  

Pick your breakfast. You can enjoy your healthy breakfast. Something what's good for your body, like oatmeal with some fruits. Treat yourself, your body will repay it. Eat slowly, chew everything well, don't rush. Enjoy how the flavors exlode on your tongue like tiny little bombs.

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