Monday, December 9, 2013

i feel like i'm very much useless at the age of 23
it's not about being unmature - i think - even tought my family says that
i'm reached a stage that i can pack my own luggage and go on the jet-set
it's that feeling that i'm not good in anything
my sister would say at least you're good in sleeping or something similar but it's not true
i'm not even good in sleeping
i have insomnia
i even fail sleeping, you see?
i fail everything
i'm not good in any sports, i can draw well but not well enough, i can't sing, i can't dance,i can't get a job, i can't keep my friends, i can't get guys to date, i can't talk in public, i can't finish my fucking university studies cos it breakes my mental
i can't even have a proper mental desease 
nor a proper eating disorder
i even fail being sick
fuck it

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