Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"what dreams may come"

I was complaining to my classmate this week when we talked about dreams. I used to dream a lot, great dreams with idols xD hahaha
I told her i recently i don't remember my dreams, i don't even remember when did i dream last time. But last night i had a dream finally. It was the most stupid dream i ever had! I know i always say this but this time i really mean it.

I don't remember on each of the details but the main things. I went to a concert somewhere and suddenly Scarlett Johanson came on stage and started to sing but in the next moment she was laying on a desk naked, singing 'Beautiful' from Christina Aguilera. But then suddenly she changed to a skinny girl with very long hayeblond hair, who had strechmarks all over her body and scars from cutting herself on her thighs, stomach and arms. She even showed her bare vagina to the crowd. 
And then it was me! I was laying there, in front of the whole world, live on TV, singing Beautiful totally naked and my body was full with scars. But i felt the greatest peace inside, and i was happy to be there and i started to cry from joy.
I woke up just then and found myself on my wet pillow. I was really crying. 
Strange, really. I wonder what my psych will say about this. 
I think i get the meaning...

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