Friday, October 4, 2013

Starve the ego, feed the soul - so said the poet

I'm standing incomprehensibly in front of the fact of people handling their busy lifestyle. Not only the busy lifestyle they have but the busy lifestyle they create for themselves. 
I'm defenitely a person for moments of leisure. I can't see the any rational explanations why people don't want to insert little pleasures into their daily schedule - i mean sitting down to slowly drink a café latte, spend some quality time listening to some great piece of music. It's the start of my day, i can't even imagine taking the bus every day without listening to my favorit songs via my phone, not having a few moments only for myself and my latte in the morning or not spending a few hours deeply engossed in a particular book. I know so many people define themselves as an adult, but they never listen to music, never read a book, they drink a glass of wine but rush thourg it witouth feeling the taste on their tongue. Instead they run all day, not paying attention to anything around them, only caring about their job, the money they get for it and nothing else. 
I will never understand. My economy teacher would say i'm a deviant and i know he would have right. I don't love money, i realized i like things/objects less and less, i have less needs but more neccecities for natural goods, i mean spending time in nature, watching the sun go down or really tasting the food. I think this is the meaning of life and not collecting money on your bill. 
maybe my new medicine speaks out of me, i got them for my infernal mood swings. Did you have a great week so far? 

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