Saturday, October 5, 2013

have you seen Houdini?

안녕 dolliez ^^
guess who's sitting on her bed again with the laptop on her knees? yes it's me again
i want to intorduce a new soul to you.
she's all soft furry and grey as the shadows and oh-so-tiny she can comfortably sleep in my palm! 
so meet Houdini, our new kitty who just arrived to our house yesterday. 
we decided to name her after our marvelous escape artist (Houdini was hungarian in facto) becouse she didn't even spend an hour in our house she already disappeared while i blinked one!we were looking for her for a half an hour and since than we she vaporized herself circa 5 times and so fast you wouldn't believe me unless you see i mean not see her with your very own eyes.
She's not a mad killer or anything, she has this look becouse her eye was sick, she couldn't open it but now she's okay ^^ 
If you remember her, she looks kinda similar to our late beloved Sir Galahad, it's becouse they are sisters. She's a similar silver kitty but their face and looks are totally different, even their ears is very different, not to mention the personality.

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