Monday, September 30, 2013

The other Murakami

I wanted today to be a bit special than usual. It was the first time after a long period when I actually planned something or I wanted something. I wife up with the decision that I'm gonna ask the cute guy in the bookstore for help and try to have a conversation with him. I even washed my hair in the morning, did make up, wore a nice dress and after long time I felt pretty. I headed to the bookstore right after classes but then... he wans't there.  ㅠ.ㅠ 

I started to read Casting by "the other Murakami" a.k.a. Murakami Ryu while waiting for him to show up but he didn't. A different guy was working instead of him. I dunno if he quit the job or he was just not working today but I felt sad. The weather was do good chilly and raining all day, just how I prefer, so I thought it is a good sign. My sister told me it could happen because of two things. One it's a sign we are not meant for each other or two it was a sign that I should met him when I give my true self and not a girly side of what is very rare to show up. While I was reading the Murakami book I found the main character was very similar to me. He felt in love with a girl he didn't even know, he only saw her once and read a short CV of her what could be a lie but he started to fantasize about her and what they could do together. Frankly I do totally the same. So after noticing this I thought maybe my sister was right and it could be a sign that we are not meant to date each other, or it's a warning sign that I should not fantasize about anybody like that cos he might be the opposite of what I thought about him. What do you think my readers? Is it a sign? If yes, what does it try to tell me? Or do you think it's only me overthinking the situation again and it's nothing but an unfortunate coincidence?

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