Thursday, March 14, 2013

I ❤ Milka - review

Girl, i was SUPER surprised when my mom came home from the grocery store where she works with a Milka Oreo bar! You know that in Hungary you can not buy Oreo in every store? Dunno, maybe in the capital in the stores where they sell rare stuff for freaking lot of money…ehm. 
So i was surprised and happy, my mom remembered i was overflowing about Oreo cookies i first ate in Korea. I have passion for Milka, who doesn’t? But the idea of mixing Milka chocolate with Oreo cookies is great. I mean GREAT! This product is gorgeous i swear. 
Good point is that is overly sweet so even if you want to eat the whole bar it’s impossible. Good for our shape ^_^ I had to stop after eating a few chunks but it’s Milka and Oreo! After stopping for a short time (max 5 mins???) they were calling me. EAT ME! EAT ME! I’m so satisfied, really. The cholocate is soft as usually and the Oreo inside is perfectly crunchy.

My mom also brought home another new Milka froduct, Milka with Daim caramel. Honestly i never heard about Daim caramel so i wasn’t excited for it but curious. I enjoyed it despite the crunchy almond toffee stucks into the teeth. Guess Daim bars are nice,too. 
If i said Milka Oreo was overly sweet the Daim version is extremely sweet. (Note: i’m not fan of sweet i like salty more). So yeah, it should be called the diet chocolate becouse i couldn’t eat more than 2 chunks. 

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