Friday, March 22, 2013

Claire's vanilla ice cream nail polish - review

I bought this vanilla ice cream nail polish from Claire’s on my trip in Graz, Austria for only 2€! It’s not a secret but i don’t think i’ve ever said it before but i really love Claire’s. They sell amazing jewelry, pretty bags and the best cosmetics ever! 
Just one thing before i start the review. From every vanilla colored nailpolish i’ve ever bought this is the only that actually has a real-vanilla color. To get the real pretty color you’de have to see it in person.
- Despite the fact that it isn’t really creamish it’s easy to apply 
- It almost didn’t chip at all! I did my nails and i was washing the dishes every day and even working in the garden but it started to chip after around 4th day (guess if i don’t work that much it would last at least for a week) 
- Dries quick.
- As i said before it isn’t creamish so you have to apply 2 coats
- I find the wand pretty thin. Maybe it is just for me but i like if the wand is more thick.
- First coat was a little runny.
Overall i like this nail polish. I heard lot of bad comments about Claire’s nail polishes but i’m positive about it. The color is pretty so it was definitely worth for buying. It’s perfect for both spring and summer season. ^-^

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