Monday, February 18, 2013

The art of being Key

I just can’t go a mile anymore without typing a word aboutShinee Key’s style. He is on of my favourite fashoniastas in the kworld and also one of my role models in every way of life (somehowe i have more male role models than females….) I always wonder how can a boy be so pretty as he is….

Key has a great stylist (coordi noona) and also knows it really well how to dress himself… pretty well.Even if you dislike him, sure you can’t walk away without taking a note on him. 
I have so many fabulous pics of him it took ages to decide wich ones to put in the post. Haha
Key isn’t afraid to wear womens clothes and has gorgeos/fierce hairstyles and make up (he wears make up even in his free time! kkk Shinee member often joke about his little cosmetic bag what he carries everywhere lol). Here they are:

And….the Key style make-up :)

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