Sunday, February 3, 2013

I got my cray-on

I had a really nice but crazy dream with G-dragon…kekeke

It was…hmm really crazy. I moved to a new house with my family where everyone of us had a whole floor and my room was bigger than our whole house is now, and i had 2 bathrooms^_^ Sounds nice, isn’t it?
One of the bathrooms was in the end of the room and the other bathroom was in the other end of the room. I entered one of my bathrooms and find out there’s another door. I opened it and it was a door to somebody else’s house! Crazy! I went back to my room and found out the whole house turned into a glass house and people from outside were trying to look into my room! I really hate the feeling when people are staring at me so i tried to move the forniture so people can see less from my house. 
But then a korean person came to ask me if i was ready with packing my stuff out becouse JiYoung can’t come until i don’t finish packing out. I was like “Huh? I don’t know any JiYoung!” Then i don’t know why but i left my house. Not on the front door but on the secret door in my bathroom. The door opened in the most modern home i’ve ever seen :O 
I was totally amazed when i heard someone saying “Ya, finally arrived! Did ya finish?” I turned and there was G-Dragon. I know of course immediatley who JiYoung is…. but i didn’t get why he can’t come until i don’t pack out, he answered me: “Becouse you have to make walls. You’re home was made from glass but if you don’t cover and hide yourself people can see everything and they will know everything. They will see me too, i can’t let it.” “Uhha…Why can’t we meet in your house?”
“Becouse all the YG members can come here as they wish and they will see us.”
Interesting that GD didn’t look like how he looks now but he had that “Dirty Money” era style. So i had to leave and pack out so people can’t see my life through the glass but i had so many boxes! It looked like i open one and i have two knew instead of that one! Never ending boxes! And the person kept coming in every five minutes to ask me if i was ready moving in but i had to say no, and i started to cry and ran away becouse i can never finish.
I wonder what this crazy dream means…Do you have any idea?

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