Monday, January 21, 2013

hello dolliez

I got hospitalized on the 5th of january with acute renal failure. It means that my kidneys stoped working and the doctors still doesn’t know the reason. They said that we will never know but you know what? Becouse i’m okay now, they let me come home today, so until they can heal me i don’t care why i got sick. Chances are it happened becouse of a virus infection but who knows?

So after around 2 weeks i came home today^^ finally

I got a job in England as an au pair, i should go on the 6th of january but becouse of my hospitalization i couldn’t go… I’m sad but from other hands i’m happy… but i can’t go to England until march. Dunno what to do couse i don’t want to go back to the school but i can’t find any job… i want to go to barista school but my parents said it’s the most stupid thing they heard from me and they won’t finance it… :/ What to do?

Seriously, i had two weeks to think about what to do with my life but i didn’t find any good ideas… i mean of course i had but everything is stupid to my parents expect being a doctor and so… what i don't want.

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