Friday, January 25, 2013

이웃집 꽃미남

I just started to watch this drama today…called Flower boy next door. I was waiting for this drama to start but then i got hospitalized and had no chance to start it before but now nobody can’t stop me! :)
May i give you an advice? If a korean drama contains the word “flowerboy” in the title you MUST watch it! Not only becouse it means there will be a super cute and super handsome pretty boy on the screen but becouse it means so much laugh! Flower boy dramas are funny until infinity. So is this one. Okay, of course if Yoon Shi Yoon plays in a drama what else can it be? I love him! With his pretty eyes! *giggles* 

And i also have to admit i like Park Shin Hye, too. She’s really pretty and natural looking what i find important. You can never know if a korean actress is real or plastic, but she looks natural and i find them more pretty. 

All the carachters are well made and funny as expected in korean dramas, that’s why i love them so much. Of course there will be an irritating bitch who will make me crazy i saw it in the spoiler but we need it so…nothing to do with it! ;) 

I’m only at the first episode yet but i recommend you to watch this drama! You won’t regret starting to watch it if you didn’t start it until this moment.

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