Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Yesterday i had a bad feeling about going to class this morning with bus becouse of the huge snow we got in one day (~50 cm). In the end i was right. Thought becouse there wasn’t snowing anymore and it already started to melt i went to the university without any worries. Going to the city where i study takes 1 hour 40 mins by bus and we also have to go through an other city. So we were in the middle of this city and an other bus was coming in front of us but becouse they didn’t clean the roads properly from the snow we had not enough place for the two buses to pass each other. Our bus couldn’t go in reverse becouse of the ice on the road and the other bus had no place to pass us. So the other busdriver thought he tries to go up a bit on the sidewalk but the sidewalk was slippery from the ice, too. It slipped into our bus and as lucky i am, it bumped into the bus at the place where i was sitting. 
I’m fine, we had no problem just had to leave the bus and go to the next station by walk and wait for another bus to continue the way and we were very late. I just got shocked. But the biggest shock was when i came home and shared this story with my family and they didn’t give a fuck. The only person who worried was my friend who lives in Spain. But my dear family? They shrugged they sholders. “So what?” Yeah, this time we were lucky but what if next time we won’t? 

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