Friday, December 14, 2012

The battle against double chin and chubby face

I was scrolling down on my facebook wall when a question of one of my friends just hit me in the eye: How can i get a slimmer face?

What i dislike on my face is my nose, my HUGE head and my chin. Usually i try to show a better profile of my face on the pics, creating a sharp V-line as I mentioned it in my selca post, or hiding my chin. Or if theres nothing else, i photoshop my face. You have no idea how much I have to push my jaw in with liquify (an my nose is just the hardest job).

Unfortunately, double chin and face fat is notoriously very hard to get rid of. ㅠ.ㅠ Plastic surgeons would suggest implants/fillers for sure but who has money for that? Or who want to go under knife for that lot of pain for a half centimeter at all? Blah, maybe me one day…

I know 3 ways to slim down your face not on a surgical way:
1. beauty cosmetics
2. face massage
3. make up
(1) While i was in Korea I found a really good product what I got in Myeongdong for free in charge of doing some window shopping inside the store! So heres the product, i only have some semple left *cries*
I used this lifting toner from Fleboté daily, in the morning and night, too. After applying the toner it started to heat up! So it has to have something in it, right?
I felt my skin softer and after a few days my face really looked slimmer and sharper.

Fleboté Collagenic XP V-lifting Toner

I also recommend korean brand Holika Holika. Their Pumpling Heart V-line mask is one of the secrets from Korea for those who want a sharper jawline and a V-line face. The mask contains coffee and capsicum to help burn fat, also made of some gel-like substance that adheres firmly to the face. Don’t leave it on for longer than 15 minutes or more than 2x a week – I find it leads to pimples in the next few days. 

(2)To make my face slimmer i use a facial slimming massage technique every night while sitting in front of my laptop. Honestly i found it on Bubzbyeauty’s youtube page.
After cleaning my face with cleanser and oatmeal (yeah) i put on some night cream, it is good if the cream is kinda oily. (Even olive oil does well) I don’t have a massager like her so as she recommended i replaced it with a chinese spoon. I start the massage from the bottom of my chin, going until the upper side of me ears and bringing the spoon down on my neck. I always do it up to ~5 mins or from starting to feel the heat and i countinue for some minutes. Then change side and do the same.

There’s another massage technique, too what helps you to slim down your whole face. Use your the middle part of your middle fingers and press on different parts of your  face. For each part of your face, press 20 times. Start from the bridge of your nose, pressing upwards to your eyebrows and outwards to your forehead. Then start from the corners of your mouth and press towards the inner corners of your eyes. Finally, press from your chin to the sides of your face all the way to your ears.

(3) Korean brand Etude House has a highlighter called Aloha V-line slim maker. It’s purpose is to make your chin visible creating a luminous V-line and contours face to get a slimmer look.

How to apply?

Or just buy a bronzing powder what is only a bit darker as your skin tone, make fish face and color lightly the parts they go inside under your cheecks. This will also create you a slim look.

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