Thursday, December 13, 2012

셀카 = selca

Recently many friends are asking about my korean life and things i experienced there, and becouse PSY’s Gangnam style became so popular they are even more curious. The most heard question is “How do you take a self photo?” becouse while living in Seoul i got used to take self photos what koreans call as selca (SELf+CAmera, konglish word), so the topic of today will be: TADAH! Selca.

Selca is all about natural, fun posing and you don’t have to own a super quality hiper expensive camera to take selcas, your phone is just as good. Good to know: koreans are experts of selca-ing. They perfected the method of taking selca and the best is if you learn it from them, just as i did.

There are some strategies to take perfect selcas.

#1. Check yourself out! It is obvious you have to make yourself presentable first, and i mean organize your hair, check you teeth, make sure your nose is clean. Korean girls just take their carried-everywhere little mirror out from the handbag even in the crowded subway, or check themselves in the camera on the phone before taking the pic. And you also have to check the lights! The more light the better so try to turn your face in the way where the light comes from. If you can’t get the spot ligh directet to your face try to use any color options of your camera (i recommend black&white). And i recommend you to put on some mascara and lipgloss becouse it makes a big difference on the pictures.

#2. Position of the camera. Never look directly in the camera! The camera always does some sort of distortion. Your face won’t appear as pretty as it is when you look in the mirror and will look HUGE.
How to get a slimmer look?
(1) In order to make your eyes bigger and show a V-shape face (which makes your face look slimmer) you must consider the angle of your camera. If you elevate your camera so you are forced to look up. Best is to lift the camera with 15-20 cm, too hight will make you appear weird and lower will make you the bubble face. (Of course you have to find your own best angle) The trick is to make sure your chin is down while you look up on the camera (make sure to keep your eyes wide open) Don’t worry if it’s not good for first, i know you have to practice a lot but once you “catch the wave” you can’t fail it again.

(2) You also can look down on your camera instead of elevating it. The method is the same, lower the camera with 15-20 cm and keep your eyes wide open. You are forced to lower your chin to look down, so it will naturally make your face look slimmer but be careful! You might look slimmer but it can create double chin! 

(3) It’s not nessecary to face the camera all the time. It’s a harder but more natural looking pose to tilt your head. Becouse you’re not looking into the camera you might not have to shoot you want but if you take the pose and check yourself only with your eyes on the screen (if you can) and before shooting you move your eyes in the direction where your face look you can make it easier. 

#3 Express yourself! Smiling like a pretty doll is so boring sometimes, you have to show your personality to create fun selcas. Put on a funny expression, play with your accesoriezes, use props (like towels on your head).

#4 PRACTICE x100! To master selca-ing practise is a must! (as it is in mastering everything) Best is to carry your camera everywhere you go, but we have a tons of cell phones with great cameras so it bacame much easier! Koreans don’t care about where they are, they take selca everywhere (before bed, waking up, washing their face, waiting for the subway, while eating, shopping, driving) Perhaps people will laugh at you at the begining if you don’t live in Asia but who cares? They will get used to it, and once they start to do it too… they can’t stop!

#5 Edit your photos! Most of us were not born as supermodels and we know it well even supermodels use photoshop. Maybe the light is not perfect, or you wear make-up but there are still scars visible on your face or your forehead is too shiny, etc… There are tons of applications for smart phones to make it easier. I also use them. My two favourite is PicsArt and CyMera (it’s a korean app, connected to CyWorld). 

I use PicsArt to hide my pores, blackheads, scars and create babyskin ^^ They have pretty filters, effects and backgrounds. It allows you to take pics with timer and burst, too. You can make collages or draw on a photo or blank.

Yay, this is me ^^
CyMera has great very pretty filters, too and you can easily edit and correct pics, use light effects and borders. If you take a selca which is good for the app to recognize your face you can also create big eyes, brighter smile and slimmer face. And to have some fun just put on some decoration like ribbons, fake hair, fake lashes or blush, rainbowsor mustache, etc. CyMera not only allows you to edit your selcas but you also allows to take pictures with different lenses, have timer and touch shot.

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