Wednesday, December 19, 2012


We are closer and closer to the end of the year so thought i make a short photo memoir (with some words) of my year (mainly from my sweetest memories and things i miss the most). I spend 8 months of 2012 in South-Korea as an exchange student (but guess you know it well) and this was the most beautiful part of the year. I started to dig in my harddrive and i found lot of funny stuff, it was extremely difficult to choose a few from the more than 1500 pics (!). Most of my pics are from my “before-koreanization” era (i mean no make-up, etc), so don’t be too rude to me while watching the pics :)

High, high up in the sky

* Flying to Korea! Ok this pic is from 2011 but it was still important in my year 2012 as well.
That time i didn’t know how to pose as a korean XD

*Got my ears pierced 6 times. Also pierced my nose.

I miss my daily dose of Kimbap, kimchi and the yellow raddish…T_T

*Saw the most beautiful firework festival.

That person suposed to be Rain on his last concert before enlisting (just where is him????)

*Started to be a skincare freak. ㅋㅋㅋ

Bromance everywhere^^

*Became level 3 in korean, which means i’m intermediate! Yoohoo *^^*

Style Icon Awards….. biggest disappointment…. (saw Jay Park, SNSD, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Soo Hyun)

*Met a lot of crazy people they became my best friend 

having the last date with friends is so damn hard…

*Took the most entertaining ride of my life two times on different days on the best rollercoaster in Everland, on the T-Express!

spending Halloween @Everland

*crazy clubbing

heading to…… SM Entertainment! (Yeah this old-ugly-gym looking buiding is SM)

*had amazing food on my table sharing with great people

식혜ShikHye korean traditional rice drink

*kissed a frog 캬캬캬

Lantern festival

*became Tekken and COD maniac for a short time

You don’t need to go to London to walk as the Beatles….ㅋㅋㅋ

*ate tasty watermelon in winter! 헐
팥빙수 Pat-bing-soo… maybe the korean ice-cream?? 

* lost a friend but i’m not sad cuz i found out she was a b*tch and a hater behind my back and only tried to use me

Amazing Race 

*learned a lot of things about myself and relationships, and about myself in relationships 
First snow

*got to know many countries and their culture, i didn’t know about some of them they exist ㅎㅎ

@the first shop of the Coffe Prince

*became to know how inportant the dessert is 
watching LeeSang…
and 10cm in live.

…tried to stalk BigBang or 2ne1 but they headed to Japan that day -.-“

*tasted REAL coffee 

Banana milk

*learned that you are not untrue to yourself just becouse you do sometimes as the person you love would like it

random dead guys in the subway aftre clubbing @5am

*learned: there are people who will always like you for myself doesn’t matter how i look and never want me to change
노래방 singing room a.k.a. korean karaoke

planning to visit a temple but bumping into rookie group A-JAX
부산 해운대 Busan Haeundae - two times in a year *_*
개미 마을 Village of the Ants
Trip to Youngwol 용월
crazy days…
…and my boyfriend (now ex) but i won’t upload his pic (want to protect his privacy)
*And the best: i became a better person.

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