Tuesday, December 18, 2012

한국 생활 - korean life

all those typical korean things they felt weird at the beginning but i’m so used to them (i still can’t stop doing some of them):
- bowing
- taking off my shoes in houses and restaurants (i even liked to sit on the floor but in the restaurants they always offered the chair becouse they thought we don’t like to sit on the floor becouse we are foreigners… -.-” )
drinking from metal cups and self service of free water(yes, we don’t get free water in the restaurants)
- having an extra fridge just for kimchi
- people being obsessed with small face - as small as a CD
- dog and cate cafés
- 아줌마 ahjumma - korean old ladies pushing you around everywhere
- 노래방 the korean “karaoke”
- DVD rooms (usually not for watching DVDs…)
old people asking you about how old they look and clapping happily how young they look
-boys cheking their hair in every reflective surfaces - for example subway window
- plastic surgery ads everywhere - so natural like minerwater ads in Europe
- eating 라면 ramen for breakfast
- people watching on the subway
- after a negative question you get a “yes” answer and it means “no”
- girls taking selca everywhere - even in the middle of the crowd when everybody is pushing them (i even saw a girl who made double eyelid with glue (?) in a restaurant watching herself in her tiny cute princess mirror, what every girl has)
- love motel
- eating icecream in winter
- fortune tellers
- guys having zero hair but some girls having mustache and looking at me weirdly why do i have so much hair on my arm - a guy even asked me if i have to cut it regulary like the hair on my head and in the case if i let it grow can i make a braid from it?
- shaping V with your fingers on pictures
- everything being cute
- tons of cafés and cosmetic shops, etc - sometimes just right next to each other
- 24/7 shopping
- students living in the library
- guys asking me if they are handsome - honestly WTF?
- being unable to try clothes in most of the shops
- girls going to the library to “study” but rather to find a future-husband
- bromance and skinship - it was so weird to me that a person i never met before comes sooooo close to me just becouse they want to be my friend… i still freak out sometimes
- calling people 오빠 (oppa - girls older brother), 누나 (noona - boys older sister) or언니 (eonni - girls older sister) but actually i like to call boys 형 (hyeong - boys older brother)
- teachers asking about the students private life
- the way they count ages  -everybody is one year older as they really are becouse when they born they are already one year old…don’t ask me why
- people asking my bloodtype
- kkkkkk/ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ - korean laugh, it’s like LOL in english
pepero day/ white day, etc … - special days for couples
- Christmas is a couple celebration and not for families
- not being able to use Wooribank creditcard after midnight

- people asking if your hair is natural perm/blond/red when it is

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