Thursday, December 27, 2012

미녀는 괴로워

a.k.a. 200 pound beauty

Finally i watchet this movie. First i heard about it from my korean teacher who was totally into Kim Ah Joong - the main carachter, becouse she was so pretty. Guess she was posessed of beaty. Even she was one of the most beautiful person i ever met, and she’s a look-a-like of Shin Min Ah she always talked about beauty tricks and plastic surgery,etc what makes you more beautiful. 

Because for some poeple weight matters the most i recommend this movie for those who are  willing to alter every detail of their self believing that this is the key to happiness and true love. For those who are tired of being rejected and criticized. 

(I dont want to introduce the movie, I just want to write about something what moved me while i was watching it)

Kim Ah Joong

First time I was very uncomfortable with if this topic came up but in Korea you just  get used to it. Everywhere you go you’ll always see plastic surgery adverts, it’s just thatnatural there. Most of the girls get their double eyelid surgery done in high school. It’s also popular to ask for a smaller face (they like if their face is so small that they can cover it with a CD), sharp V-line and nosejob. 

I never judged people if they decided to go under the knife but thought it is more important to love and accept yourself as you are. But the more i talked to girls  who had plastic surgery the more i came to realize, sometimes you need to cut to be able to love yourself. And the fact that you love and accept yourself doesn’t mean that you can’t wish for  a better you. Not just in the inside but also outside.

One of my friend had a roommate who wanted to audition to one of the biggest entertainment company (I’m not sure if i can write the name here or not, so i won’t) and they told her she has a great voice and she’s a good dancer but she is too fat and ugly. They recommend her to lose 40 kg (it was more than the half of her weight!) and do surgery for a small, CD sized face, sharp V-line, create big eyes with double eyelid and redo her nose and even the lips and when she’s done she can come back and audition again! Becouse her dream to become an idol was bigger than her fear of the pain what waited for her after cuting her bones she decided to do it, and in few weeks she already done her eyes and nose. After cutting her jaw i couldn’t even recognize her. But i tell you a secret, she made it and now she’s a trainee… so it was kinda worth for it. I say “kinda” becouse it still can hapen that she will never debute… Sad, isn’t it?

As i mentioned before my teacher really like to talk about plastic surgery, she showed us this movie in class becouse of Kim Ah Joong, who also had a full body surgery just as her carachter, Hanna in the movie.

So lo and behold! Here she is before and after plastic surgery. Lord almighty, i just got amazed what plastic surgeons can do.

Korea is also known for its plastic surgery business. Many koreans do it and the number of chinese young girls who visit their clinics is raising, too. (I had chinese classmates they came to do double eyelid surgery.)

But honestly, if you become this beautiful, your entire life change. I mean just look around, that’s is only what we can see. If you go for a job interview it doesn’t matter how good you are if you are fat or ugly, while your opponent is not as good as you but much better looking, she/he willl get the job. Becouse look counts, even if they say it isn’t true. If you are beautiful people will be much more nice to you and helpful towards you. While being fat and ugly people will just look down at you: How can she be so fat? - they ask. She shouldnt eat that much and should do some sports. They will judge you even if they don’t know what is in the background. Maybe you have a serious sicknes which couses you weight gain. Or you had an accident and damaged your face…

Especially in Asia… I also experienced it on my own skin. I really dislike my nose, becouse of my high nasal bridge but in Korea they think it is pretty, so they thought i’m pretty becouse of my nose and becouse i have white skin and light hair. If i went to buy some mandu (dumplings) i got some extra mandu “becouse your pretty” or i bought ice cream and the ahjusshi (old man) gave me candy as a present, as he said “never had as pretty customer as me”.

Once my friend waved for taxi but no one stoped, when my other friend who was the pretties amonf us waved all the ahjusshi run to get us in his car.

OKAY you can say maybe they told me this things becouse I was a foreigner in their country and they wanted me to go back more often and buy there, whatever….
But you know what? Guys will go for you with that hot new body, but inside, under your skin it’s still the same bones, isn’t it? Inside your nips and tucks your still fucking the same!!!

Imagine an ugly girl posing like korean idols on their selca… (if you don’t know what am I talking about google “kpop selca”) posing a cute way and making cute expressions…what would public think? Defenitely! They would say: Whahhh, look at her, she’s so ugly! Did she look in the mirror? She should hide somewhere in the deep forest and not acting like she’s cute, she’s fucking not! Disgusting! etc etc similars….Yeah becouse people are just this mean…

But if a really pretty and skinny girl does the exact same, then everybody will go mad: Whuahh she’s so cute like a button, OMG she’s so sexy, i want to be her! Can i be your boyfriend? blablabla

Think about it, this plastic girls know it damn well how ugly they used to look like, now they have the chance to do the things what they could never do without shame if they choose to live in their ugly body. They can have a life! Perhaps they even live your dream life…

I guess that is what makes people annoyed or upset in the moment when they recognize the person is not a natural beauty but a plastic doll.
But excuse me, what’s the point of paying thousands of dollars for plastic surgery if you are only allowed the same low self-esteem as before?! Going under the knife is obviously for getting more positive attention, or if not it wasnt worth the price!

Frankly speaking I saw myself in the main character. In my early teenage years -becouse of hormonal reasons - I was really fat, had a tons of pimples on my face and even on my back, had oily skin and hair and I couldn’t really do anything against it becouse nothing worket out well and doctors didn’t want to raise me on hormon tablets from that very young age.

Becouse kids are such nice I was called pimple-face, owl (cuz of my glasses), fat cow, whale, ugly frog, Himalaya (becouse i was so tall compared to others in my age and it kinda contains my name too) and I had so many names I can’t tell you all of them. But God, I’ll never forget that! It lowed my self esteem for a long time but still inspired me somehow. Since then I promised that I will lose that extra pounds, improve my self and show that that this ugly human being will stand out someday.

For long i thought the best way to achive this goal is to be a person everybody accepts, but when i saw that still not everybody loves me and i can never be good enough i just gave up and started to look for myself. i realized i can’t be fine for everybody but i can be fine for myself. and that is all what is important. As I look at my self in the mirror, yes I lose number of pounds already, but still not enough, been more knowledgeable with fashion. Unlike the movie, I didn’t go to any plastic surgeon but never say never (you all kno how much i hate my nose and the big size of ma head), instead I went to magazine stands, to the different clothing stores and browse the internet and watch the nowdays so popular TV shows where they change a person or show you how to be THE pretty girl.

I know I’m still not THAT pretty girl and I still have to work on it but i’m much closer than ever and i don’t want to encourage anybody doing plastic surgery, i just want to say if it makes you happy don’t you ever fucking care about what others say, they always gonna find something to talk shit about you if they want. I appreciate natural beauty but beauty is beauty anyways, right? It is to entertain us in some way and make our life better, so why you judge people just becouse they want to live a better, happier life?

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