Friday, December 28, 2012

an unexpected christmas present is the best christmas present

Today my dad went out to bring in the post and ha said i got a letter. I was so excited cuz i never get anything except the phone bill >.< I also got a package!
I got a pretty post card from Malaysia! My friend Bien sent it to me! I love you and 나도 나무 보고 싶엉~ friendship4eva 

I got the package from Spain from my “king” Ro! 
 She sent me pajama pants printed with unicorns (haha i love unicorns), spanish cholocalte and cookies (i remember them, we ate them in your room in Seoul^^), pretty bracelet, a postcard (i forgot it out from the pic SORRY) and her painting! She painted our gang: herself (the king) on the left, me (the leader) in the middle and Constance (the prime minister who kidnapped herself) on the right.
Also in her letter she wrote something what i want to share with all of you.
“My father told me once that to be happy in this life you have to be a bit selfish. I think you should try it.”
I think all of us should try it, and i promise i will :)
친구들~ 고맙고 사랑하고 얼마나 포고 싶은지 몰라요!! ❤

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