Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pepero Day

I first discovered this holiday when i first went to Korean class. I remember i was the only one in class who couldn't speak a word in korean, anybody else could introduce themselves and read. My teacher asked me what do i know about the country, i said i know G-Dragon and BigBang. kekeke My teacher thought it was funny and then she asked me about pepero 빼빼로, i never heard the name. We were close to November 11th, so she mentioned it becouse this day is Pepero Day in Korea.  

What is 빼빼로? It's a thin biscuit stick, similar to the japanese Mikado if you know that, or to our hungarian pretzel sticks non salty version. Koreans cover pepero with chocolate mhmmm... There's a gazillion version of peperos, i only tried milk chocolate, dark choco, white choco,nude, strawberry, blueberry, lemon cheese, peanut, but the best is almond chocolate.

Since the word 빼빼로 looks like 11 11 they turned this day into a holiday (best for Lotte Company). People hand out pepero as a sign of friendship or to someone they really like. 
Y'know today i didn't eat anything but pepero yet ^^

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