Monday, April 30, 2012

Trip to Yeongwol

Thanks God, i was so lucky i could sign up for a trip at my school to Yeongwol (despite my pocket is totally empthy ㅠ.ㅠ) 

First day they took us to sight see on the mountains, to our 4 star hotel (it was so damn cool but my pics are not so god, i'm noz going to share here) and to a festival with kpop rookie groups. 
 The landscape was amazing!
 Also visited some temples and a garden on a moutain.
 @the festival. If i understood well they are SPICA and missing a member... there were other groups too but i never heard about them.
Guess who's me? ^^

On the second day we saw The culture festival of Yeongwol. It was pretty long but worth it. The people were really nice and friendly, and the costumes were beautiful too. I felt a bit sorry for them cuz they had to walk lo~ong and it was freaking hot, so it must be hard for them...

Some TV channel even filmed us! I tried to hide but the followed me >.<

More sightseeing again @the thame park

 Delicious lunch at a not really nice ahjumma's restaurant. Luckily i'm vegetarian, so i ate dwaenjjangjjigae instead of the traditional chicken soup cuz the next 2 days everybody else was total sick from food poisoning.

After lunch we visited the festival again. 
 Do you believe me if i say i made this? Cuz i did! A very nice old lady teached my friends and me how to make this  rice cakes, i forgot their name... sorry :( But it's VERY tasty, i don't remember i ever ate flower before but it's very good actually.
 The coolest family i ever saw! I want to have a family like this ^^ but those sport shoes arggh i hate them

My dinner after coming home in Seoul. Cheese Donkatsu

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