Saturday, November 5, 2011

not a prostitute

I can't even count it anymore how many times a stranger asked me if i were russian. You can't even say i look like russian, cos i'm not even blond (all the russians i know are blonde or they look like asian...) Usually people think i'm from the US or Norway/Sweden. First i thought it's becouse there are so many russians in Korea but lately i had to find out the shocking truth.

I was told there are quite a lot of russian prostitutes in Korea. So when they asked me if i was a russian secretly they were hoping to find a pro in my humble self. Funny side is my friend is from Belorus, but it's even less known as Hungary so she decided to answer "Yes i'm Russian!" proudly. I didn't get why so many guys started to ask her out after they heard this, many of them even invited her to places telling they gonna pay for everything. I was kind of sad, i have to be russian to be attractive or what? Nobody showed interest for me when i told them i'm not russian, so i thought i must be pretty ugly/fat/watherver... Now it's total clear. Guys thought she's a pro so they can get her easily. Somehow i even feel reliefed like at least i don't look like a pro... *sight* 

I admit sometimes this guys are very scarry though. Like on the other day i was walking on the street and it's pretty usual when some random stranger walks up to a foreigner to introduce him/herself and ask about your wellbeing and such but when they ask if you're russian, proceeds to walk with me while inviting me for dinner and then ask for my name, age, number, where do i live etc... awful. Girls, run!

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