Tuesday, November 29, 2011

difference is essential said the poet

People always ask me how Korea is different than Hungary and I sometimes forget to mention the little things that are quite strange…here are some good depictions:

1.  This one really applies to me cos i feel as a giant herel.  When I shop with my friends and we pick up an item to look at, the store clerk is quick to say, “No, you are too big,” as they snatch it out of their hands.  This takes me to my next point.  Koreans are very blunt.  They will tell you exactly how it is. Even if i know i'm not fat in European standards i feel like i'd be 120 kg in korean standards.
2. It is not unusual to see patients outside Korean hospitals walking along pedestrian pathways with IV poles in hand.  When I first arrived, I thought they had escaped but this is quite normal here. And to go to E-mart in your PJs? Hah you're kidding? I started to do that, too.
3. Korea is very green, believe it or not.  Not only do they recycle (you must divide your aluminum bottles from plastic and from glass, paper goes in a separate bin than cardboard, and apart from plastic), but they compost.  It is a complicated process!  You have to buy special trash bags to throw your garbage away in. Luckily in the dorm we don't have to buy our own thrashbag cos they have a trashcan for everything.
4. Personal space? Good joke. Imagine you're walking on the street and people bump in you and they don't give a fuck just walk away, no one ever says sorry and it's normal.

5. When a Korean person holds up their fist, they aren’t trying to fight you.  Rather, they are telling you you have a small face.  Koreans believe their faces are very round and large compared to Westerners. I think i should meet all the girls with complex cos my head is bigger than any body else's head in the whole country.
6. I have noticed this one a lot everywhere.  People want to talk to me but don’t have much knowledge of the English language so they blurt out every phrase they know.  Most of the time it makes absolutely no sense. But at least they try, cute ^^
7.  You will see Korean women showing so much leg but their shirts always come up to their neck. 
8.  This is the first time in my life I won’t be home for Christmas :/  It is very sad but thankfully we have come so far with technology.  I know it is something we so easily take for granted.  With Skype, Facebook and E-mail  being 9000 km far from home doesn’t really feel that far.  The time difference, however, does not work in my favor.

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