Thursday, October 6, 2011

you know you're in Korea when...

  1. you share the sidewalk with cars and motorbikes
  2. pizza comes with a side of kimchi or pickles
  3. scissors are an eating utensil
  4. personal space? haha good joke.
  5. early in the morning you see at least five drunken people sleeping on a ledge
  6. people always ask if you have eaten
  7. there's no toilet paper in the restrooms...
  8. or there's no toilet in the restroom but a whole in the ground. eww.
  9. eating out is less expensive as cooking at home
  10. taxi drivers are crazy, running over red lights and drive with 100km/h
  11. your coffee is more expensive than your lunch
  12. holding up a fist means you have a small face
  13. everybody thinks you are a taecher
  14. you must open all windows in winter
  15. you can talk with a mouth full of food
  16. but you can't blow your nose at the tale/in public/anywhere
  17. people are always asking for your bloodtype
  18. when you buy a box of cereals it comes with a free water bottle, water gun, free DVDs etc..
  19. McDonald's delivery 24/7
  20. everyone is asking you if you have a boyfriend
  21. you stare at other foreigners
  22. you start to speak Konglish
  23. if you have a friend who is a boy he must be your boyfriend
  24. you can buy candies flavored to taste like burnt rice
  25. you find yourself bowing to everyone
  26. when watermelon costs around 20$ but you can buy tasty watermelon in the winter too
  27. all the restaurants have bells on the table to ring for service

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