Tuesday, September 27, 2011

you are what you eat with

I just got to Korea but there are a very few things actually that surprise me about the country. Maybe it's becouse i used to watch tons of korean dramas back home and i kinda knew how some things work/look.

However the biggest shock came from the most unlikely place: chopsticks. This thing just came out from nowhere.

I'm not stranger to chopsticks while i'm not a master of it. I still can use them well and pick up small thingies with a pair of thin sticks. But but! I always met this simple standard kind of chopsticks in the market or chinese/vietnamese restaurants and they all look the same so i thought all chopsticks look the same. Like this:

So when the first time i got to a korean restaurant and it happened to be on my very first day right after arriving i was surprised to face this: 

First i was like: you kidding me? what is this? Literally two flat thin metal sticks. Doesn't even look similar to the ones i was used to. 

First time i used this metal sticks i felt total stupid, cos guys asked me if i know how to eat with chopstick and i replied "of course i know, what.." but i couldn't afford eating with them. Felt like i never even touched chosticks before, the sticks are very heavy compared to the wooden ones and it's quite difficult to pick up even bigger things like tteokbokki, how did you expect me to eat thin noodels??? It was so embarrassing. I felt like a child always dropping my food, and i bet more food ended up on the table or on my clothes instead of my mouth haha! I'm much better with them now cos only metallic sticks are given in restaurants, i even started to like metal sticks over wooden ones but sometimes i still feel like they don't fit in my fingers. 

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