Saturday, September 10, 2011


1. No matter how little is your korean knowledge it will blow them away >.< 

2. Koreans push, sove and stare and it's not even considered as rude.

3. Girls try to whiten their skin as much as possible. Some of them use whitening creams but lot of girls use 5 shades lighter white foundation or white powder to appeal white and they don't even care that the line between their face and neck is so outstanding like they wear a mask. 

4. Squat toilets are everywhere. Eww. I must say i hate this kind of "toilet" looks more like a hole in the ground and to me it's freaking hard to use it ut if one must to go then one must to go.

5. Boys love skinship! I was totally surprised cos in Hungary they don't even touch each other on some places cos it might look gay for others but here guys aren't ashamed to walk hand in hand only becouse they are best firends. ^^ tbh i find it really cute

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