Friday, August 26, 2011

Feels like coming home

Here i am... finally arrived in Seoul! Can't believe i'm finally here wow :) I sit on my bed at 3 o-clock at night and i breathe the same air with G-Dragon, Rain and Lee Joon (not to make a too long list). Life is way too perfect! Jet lag? Grrrrrr.... don't even ask about it...

The flight was freaking long.... thought it never going to end, the planes were comfortable but at the russian airport where i was transfering in Moscow the people were so damn mean! I really mean it, they were only talking in russian, no english at all (on an airport??? please) And of course i can't speak russian so i didn't understand them, they were just talking talking. I told them in english that i don't get a word but then Jesus save me! They started to yell with me, and checked my whole body, dunno what were they looking foor.... but thanks God i didn't have to spend a lot of time with them. The airport was so long, i had to walk 1 hour to reach my gate, i was the only person who didn't look asian so the other passengers were staring at me all time, especially on the plane. 

I changed my seat with a cute girl, sp she could sit next to her friend. My place was next to the window, but inner side, so i coulnd't see so much, and we were flying by night so i don't think i missed too much, but on the new place, there were 4 seats but only me and a guy sitting there so i had a lo~~ot of space to sleep and everything. It's nice to do good to others, isn't it?

When i came out of the airport i felt like finally i came home. Y'know i always used to have that homesick feeling for a place i've never been before and now finally i cam home or what?! I really enjoy it but on the other hands i'm bit of scared of feeling lonely... but i'm also very excited. 6 months of Korean culture will be the most amazing experience of my life right? kekeke

Here are few pics for you of my first day...

 Still difficult to read the signs :/

The view from my dorm room^^
T.O.P. is everywhere....but where is GD??

Seoul is C.R.A.Z.Y. It's something totally different from Europe. The people, the streets, the atmoshphere, everything! Even the sun shines differently >.<

I don't do a lot of things cuz i still have jetlag omg @.@ and i'm just sleeping and eating and if i feel like not sleeping i walk in the neighbourhood of the University. It's a pretty nice place. My university is called HUFS. 
Unfortunately i'm the only hungarian here ㅠ.ㅠ Some korean girls who voluenteer here promised me to bring to places but they don't contact or text me back :/ 
They took me to eat when i arrived. I felt so clumsy and lonely. They took me and 2 japanese girls to eat but the japanese girls don't speak english but speak korean, i speak english but no korean yet (expect for few  basic sentences)so they were talking in korean and i was just staring at them like on a tennis game... 
We ordered some fried sweet potato, it was pretty good. I told them i'm vegetarian so they wanted to feed me with fish and seafood... told them i don't eat that too... they were just staring like "what the hell to give to her?" So they bought me tteok-bokki. It's rice cake with some spicey red souce and it was so fucking spicey i started to cry, everyone was laughning on me... Kinda felt like they think i'm a weirdo...

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